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ARM DSP Embedded Platform Board

EVM, Developement Kit of
S3C2440, PXA270, OMAP3530, DM642, Davinci, 5402, 5416, 5509, 2812, 28335
TI DSP XDS510 Emulator. ARM-JL Emulator&Debugger.


A full featured compact development board MINI2440

The MINI2440 is an effecient ARM9 development board with a comprehensive price, it characterizes simple method and high performance-price ratio. Based on the Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor, it embodies professional stable CPU core power source chip and reset chip to ensure the stability of the system operation.

Antique Weather Clock

Peter Schirmer's website has the unique gadget made out of a Antique Clock that tells the weather. It uses a servo, a phidgets USB servo controller connected to a computer, and Yahoo weather to report the weather. Pretty cool considering it can report 13 different weather conditions.



Lucie from BBQ Forums at bbqforums.net requested us to checkout their site. We at geekdiy love bbqs and this site is very good. It has good information about bbqs, post from amateurs and pros, and information organized with tags.

BBQforums.net A good place to meat!

Clean your floors using a RC Lamborghini

Evil Mad Scientist Labs has a small DIY project to build a RC based floor sweeper. Now cleaning floors will be a fun activity for everyone in the family.


Make a geeky USB fan - submitted by anonymous

A interesting link on engadget submitted by anonymous. Thanks.


Hope to see more activity here. Neither of the geekdiy originals have any time on their hand. Submitted links and submitted content is the best way to share your findings.

Please do more.


Primehacks - submitted by Neil Sabharwal

Neil Sabarwal has submitted this link to a geekdiy-like site. A difference is that it looks more current.


Enjoy. Keep sending us links (or better yet, create content).

Build your own projection TV

This site has some cool information about building your own projection TV using just
- Cardboard (an old box will do for your first go, but any light but stiff material will do)
- A Fresnel Lens, available from HERE
- Duct tape
- Stanley knife, Ruler, Pencil
- Matt Black Paint
- and a 14inch model tube TV

... don't run out to the Blockbuster to get the LOTR or Star Wars Episode IV DVDs. You know this would barely be meeting low resolution standards.


The rest of the site has other projection tvs which again will allow to see your 1MP photos on the wall.

Invitation to post

Our primary contributors, geekdiy, cottonbuds and gadgeteer have become rather busy. We invite contributions from our readers.

Dig into your favorites for a diy project or a site with information for diyers. Submit that link to us and we will investigate or just write up some content.

Your reward, other will follow suit and you will not just enlighten someone but will also learn from someone.


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